Naph / Autumn Of The Saroos

release date: April 2013
label: Ambiencephono
cat# PHONO1
title: Autumn Of The Saroos
artist: naph
format: 2CD / digital
barcode: 4526180120858
music genres: experimental acoustic pop, musique concrete


naph is a musician, sound engineer, label owner residing in Tokyo, Japan. Following his 1st album "Wind Mill" on Pastel Records (2010), "Autumn Of The Saroos" is his latest album comprised of 2CDs in gorgeous gatefold cover, which is also the 1st output on his new Ambiencephono label. Disc 1 is entitled "Far Sounds" and here, he mainly uses the acoustic guitars and enviromental sounds to create a whole new atmosphere. His very organic approach of producing the tracks is giving the album a special feling with much calm and peacefulness. Disc 2 is entitled "Autumn Of The Saroos" and here, he uses the methods of musique concrete which sounds very different from Disc 1 which shows his diversity (he is actually a multi-instrumentalist too) and talent.

some keywords for the album:

DISC 1: far sounds, environmental music, soundscapes, acoustic guitar, "imagining landscapes while hearing the sounds", imagination, post-impressionism, Claude Debussy, Erik Satie

DISC 2: musique concrete, room feedback, mountains of Shirakami (Japan), experimental music, Alvin Lucier, Joe Meek

naph biography:

naph delivers delicate and tender time elapse with his "ultimate" acoustic sounds. He releases his debut album "Wind Mill" on Pastel Records (2010). He is also involved in many bands and collaborations. In 2009, he releases "Decades Away From Home" on P-Vine Records with his band project (with mondii) called RdL. Followed by the release "Flop" which was created among his another band (with Chihei Hatakeyama and Tomoyasu Takanishi) called All The Frogs Are Our Week End. And "Air" which is a genuine collaboration album with Chihei Hatakeyama. He also runs a studio and label in Tokyo called Ambiencephono. As a sound engineer, he has done sound productions and mastering for numerous artists including Tujiko Noriko, Minakumari, World's End Girlfriend.


DISC 1: Far Sounds
01 Rainydays 02 Preparation 03 Seascapes 04 Room 05 Hearths 06 The Town Of Arles
07 Layer Feedback 08 Gentleness 09 Sound Of RainDrops Falling On The Roof 10 Stones
11 Countryside 12 Carriage 13 Fir Trees 14 Fragment 15 Far Sounds 16 Near The Lake

DISC 2: Autumn Of The Saroos
1 Departure 2 Shirakami 3 Typhoon 4 Autumn Of The Saroos


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